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Textured Signature blend

1) Make your document size 600x285. I used this photo
for this tutorial. If you are going to use the same photo as me, resize it to 80% for the width and height.
2) Coloring
brightness: -11
contrast: 100

point 1
Output: 211
Input: 204
point 2
Output: 84
Input: 85

point 1
Output: 195
Input: 186
point 2
Output: 65
Input: 70

point 1
Output: 199
Input: 189
point 2
Output: 106
Input: 113

point 1
Output: 193
Input: 183
Point 2
Output: 90
Input: 99

Color Balance
Midtones: 38, 8, 57
Shadow: -100, 15, 6

Gradient map
#af1010 to #b9a760
Duplicate the gradient layer twice and now you should have 3 gradient layers. For the first one set the mode to 'Saturation' at the opacity of 70%. For the second set the mode to 'Luminosity' and opacity to 20%. Finally set the last one's mode to 'Multiply' at 50% opacity.
3) Duplicate the original and drag it to the top and set the mode to 'Soft Light' and opacity at 45%. Duplicate that layer again and set the mode to 'Screen' at 20% opacity.
4) Get this texture from swimchick and set the mode to 'Pin Light'. Erase the face area with a soft brush. Now get this thistexture and set the mode to 'Multiply' and move it so the white area is in the middle of the photo
5) Use this this
magazine stock from and set it to 'Multiply' and move it towards the top like this

Erase the words from the stock.
6) You are going use these brushes next. Get the small paisley/swirly brush, make sure the foreground color is black, and place near the head then set the layer to soft light like this
Get the smokey brush and and the foreground color should now be white and place it over the face and set the mode to 'Soft Light'. Lastly get the squiggly brush and the foreground should still be white and set the mode to overlay.
Now you are finished and should have something like this

Abstract signature

1)I will be using this photo for the tutorial
Channel Mixer
Output Channel: Red
red: -52
green: 200
blue: -16
constant: 1

Output channel: Green
red: 15
green: 96
blue: 10

Output channel: Blue
red: -37
green: 46
blue: 89
constant: 3

Set that layer to 'Multiply'
2) Take the splatter brush from and make sure the foreground color is #100a0c or the color of the person's hair. Erase some of the splatters if they are on the person's face. Its okay to leave some on their face.
3) Take the paisley brushes from and place them over the person hair. Erase every part except the parts over the person's hair and set the layer mode to 'Soft Light'.
4) (This is optional!) If your picture is of a girl set the foreground color to #e75783 and with a soft brush go over the lips. Set the layer to 'Saturation' and you can play with the opacity if needed.
5) Take this texture and set it to 'Color Dodge' at 70% opacity

6) Coloring
Color Balance
midtones: 15,0,0

Channel: RGB
point 1
Output: 188
Input: 161

7) Take this and set the mode to 'Overlay'. Duplicate the original layer and drag it to the top and set the mode to 'Screen' to the opacity of 10%.
Now you are finished and should have something like this

abstract sign

Things you will need:

Swimchick texture 1
Swimchick texture 2
Swimchick texture 3

1) Once you open up your picture duplicate the first layer and set them to overlay and set the opacity to 50%

Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Selective Color:

2) You're going to go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Curves. Follow these steps.

(3) Press shift+ctrl+E to merge the 3 layers. Duplicate the layer set it to overlay and set the opacity to 50%. Get the first swimchick texture and paste it onto the picture. Set the layer to Linear light and opacity to 75%. Select the erase tool and get your round brush (it should be a preset!) hardness must be at 0%! Set the size to however the size of the person's face is. The opacity of the brush should be 20 percent. Erase part of the texture that is on the person's face once!

(4)Duplicate the first layer and set it on top. Go to Image>Adjustment>threshold. Set the level to 100. Set that layer to overlay and the opacity to 32%. Get texture number 2 and paste it onto the picture and set layer to overlay at 100% opacity. Get the last texture and center it in the middle like this Set the layer to color burn at 100% opacity.
This is what you should have so far.
(5)Duplicate the bottom layer 3 times and set them on top. Set the top layer to soft light at 25% opacity. The layer underneath the first should be set to overlay with opacity at 100%. The third one should be set to screen at 50% opacity.



Simple sign

I'm going to be teaching you how to do something like this:

Everything you will need will be provided throughout this tutorial.

1) For this you tutorial I will be using this photo

2) Duplicate the original and resize it to the width as -70% and the height as 70%

3) Set the layer mode to 'Lighten' and erase excess parts

4) Duplicate that layer again and drag it to the bottom of the photo and resize it to 80% and rotate it a little to the left

5) Duplicate the original layer and resize it to 75% and rotate it about 30 degrees to the right

6) Merge those layers and go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer> Brightness and Contrast. Set the contrast to 100 and the brightness to 10 (It may vary depending of your photo)

7) Click this button

8) Highlight on random places with a soft brush that should be 100px or less on the sitemodel or like I did

9) Click the icon again and go to Filter>Pixelate>Mosaic

11) Set the cell size to 8 then click ok

12) Go to Edit>Fade Mosaic and set the opacity to 50%

13) Select this texture from swimchick this and set it to 'Lighten'

14) Duplicate the original layer and drag it on top of the texture layer and set it to 'Soft Light'

15) Select any floral and put it on the areas where the area is free like this. Copy the main layer and then select the layer with the brush by clicking CTRL+The layer's little image in the box. Paste in the photo by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V.

16) Move the photo you pasted in around a little and duplicate it, move that around a little too.

17) Merge the two layers by pressing CTRL+E. A little box will come up so what you have to do is just click 'apply'

18) Delete the original brush layer and add a drop shadow to the new brush layer

19) Apply these layers in this order:
This and set it to 'Lighten'

This set it to 'Lighten' at the opacity of 40%.

This set it to 'Lighten'

20) Get any floral brush and put it on the middle of the photo and set it to Overlay at 10%

21) Use this color: #e069b1 and get a large (may vary) soft brush and click in the middle of your image like. Set it to 'Lighten' or 'Screen' and set it to 90% opacity


22) Go around the edges with this color: #561784 and set it to 'Lighten' or 'Screen'

23) Get this texture and set it to color burn this

24) Fill a new layer with this color: #000b45 and set the mode to 'Lighten' at 90% opacity

25) Add whatever else you want to the photo and you are done!

Final product


Collage tutorial

1) The first thing you are going to do is make a document the size of 800x600. Then you are going to fill the background color with #cfcfcf. Then you are going to get this from so-ghislaine's rose pack. Then you are going to erase the edges with a large soft brush. Next you will take this from narcoticplease's viva la vida pack. You will erase the middle of the texture where the rose texture is at.

2) Afterwards take this from vanessax17's 13 texture pack. Set the layer to lighten and erase some parts if needed. Take this texture from vanessax17's 13 texture pack and also set it to lighten. We are going to making a 'bottom border' like this. You can get any textures like that from so-ghislaine's explode texture pack. I am going to be using this texture from that pack. You are going to want to get this texture from so-ghislaine's large splash texture. Then you want to set the blending mode to 'Darken'. Erase some parts from the texture if you have to.

3) Paste two pngs on the document, I used this png from 99mockingbirds and this png which belongs to its rightful owner. Set the flower png's blending mode to 'Darken'. Move the owl png above the splash texture. Then move the flower png close to the center of the document like this . Take this texture from vikyvampirs90 '45' pack. Set the blending mode to 'multiply'. Then move the bird 'texture' above the center.

4) I'm using two photos of Ariana Grande from this photo-shoot' pack. I used the one where she is where the pink dress. Since one of the photos is half a body shot and one isn't, I put the half body one above the border and the full body one goes over the border like this. Take these two brushes and define them as brushes. Put the one with tinier text off to the side by the full body picture and place the bigger text over both of the photos similar to something like this. Set the tinier text's blending mode to 'soft light'.

5) Lastly you will add this texture from narcoticplease's colorblind texture pack. Then stretch it out to fit the whole document. Click CTRL+T to go to Free transform and stretch the whole layer out. Don't worry about how it looks. Set the layer blending mode to 'Soft light'


1) Channel mixer:
Output channel: Red
Red: 111%
Green: 33%
Blue: -60%
Constant: 7%

Output channel: Green
Red: -12%
Green: 110%
Blue: 5%
Constant: 1%

Output channel: Blue
Red: -46%
Green: 65%
Blue: 83%
Constant: 12%

2) hue/saturation:
Edit: Master
Hue: 0
Saturation: 18
Lightness: 0

3)selective color:
Colors Reds:
Cyan: -36
Magenta: -17
Yellow: 64
Black: 21

Colors Yellows:
Cyan: -24
Magenta: -57
Yellow: 86
Black: 41

Colors Blues:
Cyan: 100
Magenta: -77
Yellow: -75
Black: 3

Colors Whites:
Cyan: 0
Magenta: 0
Yellow: 0
Black: -19

Colors Black:
Cyan: 15
Magenta: 35
Yellow: -34
Black: 2

Make sure the method is on Relative.

brightness: 3
contrast: 0

Here is the final product

click here to download the psd on my deivantart

"Like No tomorrow" collage tutorial

1) Open up a document the size of 800x900 then fill it with #cfcfcf. Make a rectangle with this texture. Like this

2) Get the picture you want to use; I will be using this photo. Move your photo a little bit under the texture .Paste this and this onto the document. Erase the black from both pngs. Move the word png in front of your photo. Move the swirly layer under your photo and behind the person.

3) Insert these pngs: floral png (credit goes to 99mockingbirds) word png cat png world png (credit to rightful owner). Resize the cat to 55% and the words to 55% too. Place them where you like, then you're done! Add an action/psd if you want.


tumblr graphic

This is a Halloween themed and it was supposed to be up on Halloween, but I was super busy so here it is.....2 weeks late -_-
1) I started this out with making four equal squares and cropping them to fit the document. You can use my template or if you want more than four squares than you can make your own. I made a new document 250x250 and filled it in. I made a new document 900x600 then I copied the other document and put it on the 900x600 document. I duplicated it four times because I wanted four squares. I cropped the document once I put the squares in place. My document ended up being 500x500.

2) I hope that wasn't confusing so if you want templates, you can go here for some great ones welovetemplates. Now each square has a different texture, its best to use just plain textures first. A good place to get these kinds of textures is yeahps.

Before you start, you should know clip masking for this. You will have to use clip masking for all the squares. I filled this square with #f1ecec. I used pictures of Lucy Hale for this and one of the photos I used it this picture. I resized it not too small because I wanted this to be the focus ok this square. After I cut out the photo I set the layer mode to 'Multiply' and I set the opacity to 50%. Go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Gradient Map, I used a simple black and white gradient. Since this a Halloween themed graphic, I download this pack of Halloween textures. The texture I used was the full moon one. Set the layer mode to 'Screen'. Clip all the layers to the first square of the template.

The first texture is this grainy pink texture. Next I took this texture of a skeleton ribcage then set the layer mode to 'Screen'. Next is the photo of Lucy. I cut it out then resized so it wouldn't be the main focus like the first square. I moved it to the bottom-right then I duplicated the layer then filled it with #d4e8e7, but you can use any other color. I moved the layer to the top-right a little bit so it looked like a shadow. I duplicated the pink grainy texture again and dragged it to the top. Set the layer mode to 'Lighten' and the opacity to 45%. Once again clip all the layers to the second square from the template.

The background is this grainy, black texture. The next photo I used was this photo. I resized it so she was the main focus then I cut it out then moved it to the left a little bit and I kept the layer mode the same. I duplicated the grainy texture and moved it to the top. I set the layer mode to 'Lighten'. Next texture was a texture with a red, smoky brush and some words . I set the layer mode to 'Screen'. Once clip all the layers to the three squares from the template.

The last texture is this white and yellow texture. Move it so the white and yellow are both visible. Take this photo of Lucy and cut it out. Resize it and once it is cut out, move it so it's over the yellow and white part of the texture. Change the layer mode to 'Multiply' and change the opacity to 50%. Next take this 'SCREAM' texture and set the layer mode to 'Screen, you can position this however you want. Next make a black and white gradient map. Once again clip all the layers to the forth square from the template.

7) Know that we are done, the next texture I put on is this texture then I changed the layer mode to 'Overlay'.

8) Coloring
Saturation: 16
Lightness: 21

1st point:
Output: 172 Input: 165
2nd point:
Output: 39 Input: 60

New Color Fill Layer
change the layer mode to 'Multiply'

1st point:
Output: 172 Input: 149
2nd point:
Output: 64 Input: 61

Selective coloring
colors red:
-11, -17, -26, 39

output levels: 20, 246

brightness: 3
Contrast: 21

New Color Fill Layer
change the opacity to 30%

New Color Fill Layer
change the layer mode to 'Soft light' and change the opacity to 30%


How to make gifs

method 1

1) Find a video you want on youtube. Copy the url and got to and insert it in the bar at the top and click 'DOWNLOAD'

2) After you let it 'Run' and you have download choices, click the highest 'MP4' download quality. 3)Downloading a convertor may take time so here is a way to download videos from keepkid but without converting them. So in photoshop cs3 MP4's don't work for me but they do in photoshop cs6. So how I get the downloads to work in ps cs3 is by changing the extension on the download. So open your downloads folder or where your downloaded videos are. Find the organize button and click it then go to 'folder and search options'. Go to the View tab. Uncheck 'Hide extensions for known file types' and all the way down to 'Restore previous folder windows at logon'. Click ok then go to your downloads. Rename the download and add a .MOV to the end. It will ask you if you want to change the extension so click yes. Now it should work in photoshop cs3 IF it didn't work for you before.
Photobucket Photobucket

Method 2

1) 1-click Youtube Video DOwnload can be downloaded here. It is just a simple add on for firefox. There is a chrome equivalent but I have not tried it out but you can download it here.

2) All you have to do is go to your video and you will see a red "Download" button. Just click it and your video download options will come down in a drop-down menu. Chose the MP4 file with HD, 1080p is the best but 720p is good. Always chose the MP4 file.

1)Go to file>import>video frames to layers. Once the import video to layers window popups set your settings like mine :
 photo Untitled-1.png
For the 'Limit to every ____ frames' you can either insert 2-5 depending on how long and how many frames are in the video.

2) You are going to use the bar with the play button to select the part of the video you want, you can fastfoward to the part you want and once you get to the part you want pause the video, before the part you want, and hold down the shift button and click the fastfoward button.

The part you want should be selected so click 'OK'.

3) Resize the gif size to 500px(or to your desire) get the cropping tool and crop out the black bars. Go to window and click on animation and this should pop up

4) Click on the first frame in the animation window and hold down the shift button and click the last frame then click the arrow button Photobucket then change the seconds to 0.1 seconds.

5) Delete the frames you do not want!

6) Go to file> save for web and devices. Once that window pops up you can follow one of these:


Since tumblr has that rule that a gif must be under 500k you want your gif does not have a lot of frames. Tumblr has changed the rules and now gifs must be under 1000k. Click the little arrow and go to OptimizeTo File Size. Insert 999 in that little box

You can tell if your gif is under or over 1MB this way:

If it is over 1000k then adjust your colors. Set your settings like this


For making a gif for any other sites

You want your colors to be set on 256 which is the highest it can go. Set the your settings like this

11) When you are saving your gif make sure the 'Save as type' is HTML and Images(.html) or 'Images only'

You are now finished.

pale pink

Photobucket Photobucket

Color Balance

Midtones: -100, -100, 100
Shadows: -100, -100, -46
highlights: -7, 8, 17
Set that layer opacity to 30%

Gradient Map

#942021 to #966e3a to #c8b954
Set the location for #966e3a to 50%
Set the layer mode ro 'Luminosity' and the opacity stays at 100%

Selective Color

Reds: -69, -73, 20, 12
Whites: 0, 0, 0, -56
Neturals: 0, 0, 0, -15
Black: 0, 0, 0, 100

Channel Mixer

Preset: Black & White with Orange Dilter (RGB)
Set the layer mode to 'Soft Light'

Duplicate your bottom layer and set the layer mode to 'Color" and the opacity to 50%. Duplicate that layer again and set the layer mode to 'Soft Light' with the opacity at 20%.

Color Balance

Midtones: 16, -2, -16
Shadows: 0, 0, 8
Highlights: -6, 0, 14
Set the opacity to 50%